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Half day horseback ride to Archeological Ruins of Inka Raccay



Elevation :3,640  masl - 11,942 feet

Distance:  6 Km.  or 3 miles

Time: 5  hours  aprox

Level of  Difficulty : Class III

Experience required : Intermediate level

Fields of Interest along the Route:  Archeology, history, beautiful views, flora, fauna, adventure


Inka Raccay’s Residence and its History:  The archeological remains of Inka Raccay, also called  “The

Abandoned House of the Incas”, are located south of the City of Cusco, at an elevation of  3,640 masl.

or 11,942 ft.  It is constructed in a cellular fashion, somewhat similar to the structure of a honeycomb.

There are a number of small and medium size rooms and walls with niches, windows, and trapezoidal

doors.  Because of its location and the way it was constructed, it probably functioned as a “tambo” or

control gate.

It possibly could have been the temporary residence of Manco Capac and Mama Ocllo while they made

visits into the Valley of Cusco. Trails from here connect to the majestic Apu Wanakaure, and to the

archeological sites of  Maukallaqta, Pumaorco, and Tambotocco. It was the first site constructed by

the Incas at the very beginning of the Inca Empire.




08:30 am   pick up at your hotel

09:00 am visit to the stables, and a short talk about equestrian safety, and how to treat your


09:30 am   our ride begins

11:00 am visit to the Incan ruins at Inka  Raccay

12:00 pm   we begin our ride back down along the trail once used by the Ayar Brothers

13:30 pm   return to the stables

14:00 pm  transportation back to your hotel or to the Plaza de Armas


Our Service Includes:


Pick up at your hotel

Transpotation in a private car, truck, or H1 Van

Peruvian Paso Fino Horses

Saddles and tack

Saddle bag to carry your personal goods

Small saddle bag for your rain poncho or wind breaker

Riding Gloves made by Heritage and recommended by the U.S. Equestrian Federation

Helmet made by  Troxel  and recommended by the U.S. Equestrain Federation

Leather chaps to protect your shins and legs

Experienced and expert horseman/guide

One extra assistant for every 4 riders



Our Snack includes:


½ liter bottle of water

Box of mango or peach  juice

Chocolate Snickers or Twix Candy bar

Lemon and chicha flavored hard candies

Granola bar with kwicha and raisins and coconut

Fruit:  (Tangerines, bananas, or passion fruit)