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Day 1: Cusco- Huancacalle


After having your breakfast at your hotel, we will pick you up around 6:00 am and depart in the direction of Huancacalle, where we should be arriving to by 1:00 pm. Immediately upon our arrival, we will have a visit to the archaeological remains of Rosaspata Ñustahispana. We will also take the opportunity to set up our campsite and begin preparing dinner


Day 2: Huancacalle- Ututo


This is the day when we will really start trekking, leaving at 7:00 am, we will make our way up Mount Vilcabamba to reach the Ccolpacasa Pass on the other side. When we finally reach the pass, we will have a much needed breather and we will also have out lunches there, amidst the spectacular views. Continuing on down the side of Mount Pampacona, we will eventually set up our campsite at the place known as Ututo


Day 3: Ututo- Vista Alegre


After enjoying a healthy breakfast, we will depart from our campsite at about 7:30 am and begin trekking down an old Inca path, which is still preserved all the way to Ichuwasi, where we will have lunch for the day. In the afternoon portion of our day's trek, we will begin to get some views of the jungle in the distance. We will continue on until we come to the peaceful, and suitably named, Vista Alegre or, "Happy View", which is where we will set up our campsite for the night


Day 4: Vista Alegre- Urpi Pata


Beginning our day with a delicious breakfast, we will begin a 4 hour hike though the beautiful terrains to arrive to our first stop, Tinkimayu, where we will have a rest and some food. The afternoon portion of our trek will take us for another 3 hours to Urpipata, the path weaving us through some truly beautiful scenery on the way the campsite. We will find the perfect spot to set up camp and prepare our dinner


Day 5: Urpi Pata- Espiritu Pampa


Departing at about 7:00 am, we will almost immediately come to the small typical pueblo, Concevidayoc. From there, it will only be about another 2 hours to reach the treks' destination, Espiritu Pampa. That is where we will spend the rest of the day, exploring around the area, having lunch and having a guided tour of this interesting site, which is known to have been the last refuge of the Inca Atahualpa. Later on in the night-time we will prepare our dinner and sleep beneath the stars, here in this historical location.


Day 6: Espíritu Pampa- Chihuanguire- Quiteni


We will wake up and have one last meal here at the site before departing in the direction of Chihuanguiri. To get there, we will walk through a breathtaking cloud forest replete with hanging bridges and spectacular views. We will come across some fruit, coffee and coca plantations as well. By this point we will be walking in some pretty thick forest area and it will be possible to see some parrots or monkeys or some other tropical fauna. After lunch, we'll hop onto a truck to catch a ride for a further 2 hours to Quiteni, where we will spend the night


Day 7: Quiteni- Santa Maria- Quillabamba


After an energy-restoring rest, we will depart in the direction of Quillabamba, visiting the attractions, Sambarae and 7 tinajas. We will be arriving to Quillabamba at about 4:00 pm, but we will be immediately moving on to Santa Maria, where we will camp for the night.


Day 8: Santa Maria- Puerto Malaga- Cusco


On the last day of the tour, we will depart at 8 am in our vehicle and pass by the Malaga Pass on our way to Ollantaytambo, where we will have our lunch. In the afternoon, around 3:00 pm, we will arrive back in the Imperial City, Cusco


Our Services Include:


1. Transfer from airport or bus terminal to your hotel in Cusco upon your arrival.

2. Information and maps related to the trek.

3. Transfer from your hotel in Cusco to Huancacalle.

4. Entrance fee for Vilcabamba.

5. Professional, bilingual Tour Guide.

6. Food during the trek (8D, 8A, 7C), with vegetarian option for those who reserve it.

7. Porters and mules to carry the camping equipment and food.

8. Professional, trained Cook.

9. First aid kit, blood pressure gauge, oxygen tank.

10. Biodegradable bathroom supplies.

11. Camping equipment (tents, mattresses, cooking equipment, etc).

12. Transfer from the village of Santa Maria to Cusco. 13. Departing transfer from your hotel in Cusco to the airport or bus terminal


Our Service Does Not Include


1. Breakfast the Day 1, Dinner on Day 8

2. Sleeping bag


Note: Any changes in prices by the authorities who run the entrance to the archaeological sites are reported in advance