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Overnight in Cabanaconde




Day 01: Arequipa / Pampa Cañahuas / Chucura / Chivay


 08:00 hrs – We will pick up the passengers from their respective hotels or from the airport and head in the direction of the Colca Valley, which is situated in the province of Caylloma, at more than 3,500 meters.

We will pass through the National Salt mines and White Waters Reserve, which is full of Andean flora and fauna that we will be able to see along the way. There will certainly be a good variety of birds as well as alpacas and llamas. Continuing on the way, we will also go to the Tojra wetlands, which also have a great variety of typical Andean birds that we will be able to see. The next stop along the way will be at the crater of Chucura, entering by the Patapampa route. We will come to the Lookout of the Andes, a strategic viewpoint where we will be able to see a great view of the a great number of immense mountains:  Chila, Mismi, Chucura, Huaracante, and in the distance, if it is clear, we will also be able to see Ubinas, Misti, Chachani, Ampato, Sabancaya and Hualca Hualca.

Arrival to the pueblo of Chivay, which is the capital of the province. Enjoy a nice lunch at a tourist restaurant in Chivay.

We will have a tour of the center square and of the pueblo of Chivay for about 30 minutes. Later we will go over to the ‘Calera’ Hot Springs, which is located just 3 km from Chivay. We will be able to relax in the naturally heated waters amongst the beautiful scenery for hours (entrance to the hot springs is not included)

Later, we will go to the traditional pueblo of Cabanaconde, going by the main plaza which contains the San Pedro de Alcantara Church. Transfer to our hotel.

Dinner at the hotel

Lodging at  Cabanaconde for the night


Day 02: Lookout points / Cruz Del Condor / Pueblos / Arequipa


Breakfast at the hotel


06:30 hrs – Departure towards the Achachiwa Lookout point where we will get a great view of the Colca Valley below us. We will be able to appreciate the San Juan de Chucchu and Tapay pueblos in the view as well. We will come across some pre-Inca terraces that have been used since ancient times and are still used to this day. Continuing, we will stop for some more views at the Taay lookout point, where we should be able to see at least one Andean Condor soaring above.

We will depart at a coordinated hour to the famous Cruz del Condor lookout, which stands at 3,700 meters, and offers amazing panoramic views of the surrounding area. You will see the Colca River far below us at 1,200 meters and the Andean Condors soaring above us. They have dominated these skies for centuries.

On the way back to Chivay, we will have the option to visit some of the other local points of interest. Places such as the pre-Incan hanging tombs, ancient Stone etchings, the lookout of the terraces and the typical pueblos of Pinchollo, Maca, Achoma and Yanque.

Lunch at a tourist restaurant in Chivay

We will begin our return to Arequipa at an opportune moment in the afternoon, arriving hopefully

about 5pm.

Transfer to your hotel or to the airport.