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This special archaeological monument, which is located in a cloud forest between the Apurimac and Urubamba rivers and the majestic Mount Salkantay, was the refuge for the sixteenth Inca resistance who were trying to keep control of Tahuantinsuyo from the Spanish conquistadors. The evidence implies that the city was abandoned suddenly. We will be able to see the temples of the Sun and Earth, the royal residences and the humble rooms and homes for common citizens and farmers. The trek to Choquequirao is a unique and memorable experience which takes you from a jagged terrain of green mountains and glaciers, with the possibility of seeing bears, condors, tarantulas and many others. Choquequirao is one of the most important and well preserved archaeological sites in South America.




Day 1: Cusco- Cachora- Chiquiska


Departure from Cusco to the village of Cachora, where we will meet our porters and their mules, in Cachora the trek starts with 2 hour hike towards the Abra de Kapuliyoq (2800 m), the first pass of the journey, where we will enjoy amazing views of the deep Apurimac River Valley with snow-capped peaks all around. A 3 hour descent on the trail leads us to our first camp in Chiquiska (1800 m).


Day 2: Chiquiska- Choquequirao


After breakfast, we continue our descent, appreciating the beautiful views of the Apurimac Canyon until we arrive to the height of 1495 m, where we will find the famous Apurimac River Bridge. After crossing over the hanging bridge, we will have 4 hour climb on the other side to Marampata, where we will have our Lunch. In the afternoon, we will take a gorgeous final walk to the archaeological site of Choquequirao. We will be hoping to arrive in time to enjoy the incredible crimson sun dipping into the jagged, snow-capped mountain peaks. We will set up our camp and have our dinner nearby. We will enjoy a well deserved rest that night in the mountains (3000 m).


Day 3: Choquequirao- Marampata- Chiquiska


The morning will be dedicated to the exploration and guided tour of the archaeological remains of Choquequirao, which is still in the process of being excavated and restored by the COPESCO. After lunch, we have the option to visit to the Casa Cascada ("Waterfall House") which sits about 300 m below Choquequirao. From the highest point, we will appreciate some stellar panoramic views of Choquequirao from the opposite angle. In the afternoon we will start to return to Marampata and then Santa Rose, at which point we will take on an approximately 3 hour descent to get back to the gorgeous, Apurimac River. This is a great spot to appreciate the beauty of this stunning valley, which separates Cusco from Apurimac. After Lunch, in the afternoon, we will arrive to Chiquiska to set up our last campsite, Chiquiska.


Day 4: Chiquiska- Cachora- Cusco


After breakfast we will make our last and highest hike to Capuliyoc Pass. We will walk for 2 hours to arrive to our destination, Cachora. Our transport vehicle will already be there waiting to take us back to Cusco, where we will arrive to at about 7:00 pm.




1. Transfer from the airport or bus terminal to your hotel in Cusco

2. Information and maps related to the treks

3. Transfer from your hotel in Cusco to the trailhead in Cachora

4. Entrance to Choquequirao

5. Professional, bilingual Tour Guide

6. Food during the trek (3D, 3A, 3C), with vegetarian option for those who reserve it

7. Porters and mules to carry the camping equipment and food

8. Professional trained Cook

9. First aid kit, blood pressure gauge, oxygen tank

10. Camping equipment (tents, mattress, cooking equipment, etc.)

11. Transfer from Cachora to your hotel in Cusco

12. Departing transfer from your hotel in Cusco to the airport or bus terminal


Not Included:


1. Breakfast on Day 1, Lunch or Dinner on Day 4

2. Sleeping bag


Additional Options for Rent:


An extra horse with saddle to ride when your are tired- USD $95.00

Sleeping mat- USD $20.00 for the entire trek

Sleeping bag- USD $14.00 for the entire trek

Backpack- USD $20.00 for the entire trek


Note: Any changes in prices by the authorities who run the entrance to the archaeological sites are reported in advance